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diabetes takes
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We've supported over 1.2 million people living with diabetes globally. From your patient's first training session to ongoing support, our global team is always available to provide assistance.


Our team of customer care representatives are always available to provide the service, guidance and answers to assist your patient to better manage their diabetes.

Training and Education:

Our experienced training and education team will assist your patient to get the most from their new therapy.

24-Hour Helpline:

Our helpline team is available 24 hours a day to provide answers to your patient's product, service and software queries.

Global Assistance:

Our global assistance service gives your patient peace of mind by ensuring they have access to replacement pumps and supplies wherever they go.

Our unparalleled service is the #1

Our unparalleled service is the #1 reason people with diabetes stay with us.

"One of my happiest moments was when a patient I assisted in 2007 called another department for help and asked for me by name. Knowing that I had such an impact on that individual makes my job worth it."
Wilma Igwe
Customer Support Specialist

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