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The My Learning portal provides you with access to our complete library of online learning modules designed to help you enhance your knowledge of our range of SmartGuard® technology based insulin pump therapy products.

By completing these modules, you will be able to provide greater insights to your patients in the management of their diabetes. These modules are suitable for any healthcare professional involved in the care of people living with diabetes including Endocrinologists, Certified Product Trainers, Diabetes Educators, Dietitians, Nurses, GPs and Pharmacists.

If you wish to register, please contact your local Medtronic representative to receive an invitation to access the modules. You can then complete the My Learning according to your interests and pace. Alternatively, please fill out this form

MiniMed 640G Learning Modules

Two core programs make up the learning modules 


This program involves six learning modules designed to give you the initial tools required to successfully understand and implement insulin pump therapy:

  • Benefits of Insulin Pump Therapy (CSII) & Patient Selection - with Dr Mark ForbesEndocrinologist
  • Clinical Evidence - with Prof Tim JonesEndocrinologist
  • Calculating Initial Pump Settings - with Dr Anthony Zimmermann, Endocrinologist
  • Adjusting & Fine Tuning Methodology - with Dr Philip Bergman, Endocrinologist
  • CareLink® Interpretation Methodology - with Dr Kavita KumareswaranEndocrinologist
  • Hypoglycaemia, Hyperglycaemia, DKA Prevention & Sick Day Management - with Dr Grant Cracknell, Endocrinologist


This program involves six learning modules designed to give you a deeper understanding of insulin pump therapy:

  • Bolus Management - with Sally Double, Diabetes Educator
  • Best Practices - Tips for Success with MM640G CGM - with Dr Gabrielle HowardEndocrinologist and Robyn Gray, Diabetes Educator
  • CGM Settings for the MM640G System - with Annabel Thurlow, Diabetes Educator
  • CGM Alerts, Alarms & Calibration - with Rebecca Humphreys, Diabetes Educator
  • Carelink Personal - with Jan Carr, Diabetes Educator
  • CareLink Pro Reports - with Dr Peter Goss, Endocrinologist

Who are the learning modules for?

Any healthcare professional involved in the care of those living with diabetes, including Endocrinologists, GPs, Certified Product Trainers, Diabetes Educators, Nurses, Pharmacists and Dietitians.

Why participate in these online learning courses?

If you are a Diabetes Educator, the courses will serve as accreditation towards your professional development. The ADEA has approved 4 accreditation points for both Initiate and Develop courses (8 points in total). Following the completion of each course you will receive a certificate entitling you to the professional development points. If you are an Endocrinologist these courses also contribute towards your professional development. The RACP currently attributes 1 credit per hour for web-based learning activities. For more information, please visit the RACP website

How, where and when?

The online learning will offer flexibility in that healthcare professionals can complete them from the comfort of the home or office. The modules take approximately 30 minutes each to complete. You will have 6 weeks to complete both the courses. Once you have finished each course (Initiate or Develop), you will receive an official Medtronic Diabetes certificate of completion. For those unregistered, please follow this link to learn more through our webinar series.


The content of this website contains material for the education of healthcare professionals only and is unsuitable for a non-professional audience. If you are not a healthcare professional, you cannot use this section of our website. Your registration and license information may be requested by Medtronic to verify that you are a valid healthcare professional. Failure to verify your registration information upon request will result in your account being deactivated.