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iPro2 Professional CGM has been designed to help you see the big picture. By gaining more complete insights into your patients' glycaemic profiles, you will be able to make more informed therapy and lifestyle recommendations, which it's expected can lead to improved glucose control for your patients.

This is how iPro2 Professional CGM works:

  • You own the devices that are used for ‘blinded’ or ‘masked’ collection of glucose data
  • Patients wear the device for 6-7 days and return it to you to download the data
  • Patients do not receive glucose alerts, but only see the CGM data after you have analysed and interpreted the results.

The iPro2 System

Which patients would benefit from Professional CGM?

Typically, candidates for Professional CGM are patients with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes who experience any of the following:

  • Are not at their HbA1c target
  • Hypoglycaemia
  • Believe they are experiencing the effect of hypo unawareness
  • Are changing their diabetes therapy
  • Are undergoing lifestyle challenges.

In addition, candidates will include all pregnant women with Type 1 diabetes, while Professional CGM may also facilitate treatment adherence for pregnant women with Type 2 diabetes or insulin-requiring gestational diabetes.

How will health care professionals benefit from iPro2 Professional CGM?

Fast and simple process:  Starting a patient on an iPro is a quick and easy process. The sensor insertion process takes a few minutes and the patient only needs to be trained in how to record activities in a log book.

CareLink® iPro: Data recorded by iPro2 is organised into user-friendly reports that help you to quickly evaluate your patients' unique glucose patterns, helping you educate them on how their diet and daily activity affect their glucose levels. Reports can be emailed to you by the patient, or you can remotely download them to your device, so you are fully prepared for a patient appointment.

For more information about CareLink® iPro and example reports, click here.

Minimal patient training: With eleven compatible meters and no data monitor to interact with during the evaluation, there is very minimal patient training required.

The iPro2 has superior accuracy


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