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NEW! The Guardian Connect CGM System. The only Smart CGM system.

The ONLY Smart CGM system that helps patients on multiple daily injections(MDI) outsmart highs and lows. Using smart technology to predict where glucose levels are headed, the system alerts patients from 10 to 60 minutes before a glucose excursion, so they can take action in advance.

Now available with Guardian Sensor 3 for age 2 and above and Enlite Sensor for age 7 and above.


Without the full picture,
Diabetes can be unpredictable

for patients on Insulin Injections.


The only CGM system that can alert your patients of potential highs and lows up to 60 minutes in advance.

In a recent Carelink analysis of real-world data, it was found that Guardian Connect system users§avoided 60% of low and 39% of high glucose episodes.



Patients may avoid lows and highs4-before they happen

The Guardian Connect CGM system monitors glucose1 levels day and night, sending precise readings automatically to the app.

Guardian Sensor 3

The system includes a small sensor that can be worn up to seven days and a slim, discreet Bluetooth® transmitter that can be worn in almost any situation. They work together to send precise glucose readings every five minutes.

Medtronic’s (real-time) continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) products are indicated for use by people living with type one diabetes.

Guardian Sensor 3 may be used as part of the Guardian Connect and MiniMed® 640G systems for ages 2 and up. Sensor is indicated for use on arm and abdomen. Guardian Sensor 3 may also be used as part of the MiniMed® 670G system for people living with type 1 diabetes age 7 and up. Sensor is indicated for use on abdomen only.

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  • With up to 288 sensor glucose readings a day5, the Guardian™ Connect system uncovers significantly more data about your patients’ daily glucose patterns than blood glucose monitoring (BGM) alone.
  • When patients link their Carelink™ account to your practice, you can seamlessly access their most recent CGM data right on the Carelink™ website.




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