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Glucose Outcomes with the In-Home Use of a Hybrid Closed-Loop Insulin Delivery System in Adolescents and Adults with Type 1 Diabetes.

Hybrid Closed-Loop SmartGuard Technology
Purpose & design: 

A Prospective before and after Multi-centre study assessing SmartGuard® Auto Mode vs Manual Mode (SAP) in adolescents(n= 30)and adults(n=94) with Type 1 Diabetes over 3 months.

Therapy supported: 

Hybrid Closed Loop Insulin Delivery System (SmartGuard Auto Mode)


The Pivotal study has showed that MiniMed® ™ 670G can be used by adolescents and adults with Type 1 diabetes in an outpatient setting with no episodes of severe hypoglycaemia and DKA in over 12,000 patient days of use.

The SmartGuard® Auto Mode feature was associated with significant HbA1c reduction, from baseline, 7.8% to 7.2% in adolescents and 7.4% to 6.9% in adults.

Additionally the SmartGuard® Auto Mode feature was associated with an increased time spent in glycaemic target range (3.9-10.0mmol/L), reducing both hypoglycaemia and hyperglycaemia, in both adolescents and adults.