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Carelink Personal




CareLink® Personal Software differs from CareLink® Pro, in that it does not contain the adherence notes and suggestions indicated only for healthcare professionals. It’s a secure, web-based therapy management software that allows your patients to:

  • Upload data from their insulin pump, CGM device, and blood glucose meter into a free, web-based program
  • See detailed reports to help them better understand their glucose control and uncover patterns missed by meters and logbooks alone
  • Easily store their information and allow a healthcare professional access to it via CareLink Pro® Software

Protecting patient privacy with the highest security measures

Your patients' privacy and protection of their personal information is, of course, our topmost priority. CareLink® Personal Software complies with the strictest privacy regulations included in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) guidelines. The system also uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, a data encryption method that helps ensure that patient information remains unreadable during the transfer. Storing data in CareLink® Personal Software is often safer than storing it on a home computer system that is connected to the Internet. We use a three-tier architecture that secures the data behind three separate firewalls.

Bayer Contour® Next LINK with CareLink® USB

  • The built-in USB connector allows for easy downloading to CareLink® Personal and CareLink® Pro software
  • Fast 5 second countdown and small 0.6µL blood sample
  • Back-lit screen for a bright, easy-to-read display
  • Rechargeable battery can be charged when plugged into a computer or the wall charger
  • Bayer's No Coding™ technology reduces inaccurate blood glucose results due to miscodingf

Reports Daily

The Daily Summary Report shows glucose readings, basal and bolus insulin delivery, and carbohydrate and exercise levels for one day.

CareLink Personal reports daily

  1. Blue line represents sensor readings.

  2. Green shaded area represents the target glucose range set in the preferences section of CareLink® Software.

  3. Black circles represent linked BG meter readings, marked "Paradigm BG."

  4. Black squares represent BG readings manually entered into the device.

  1. The red line is the low glucose indicator set in the preferences section of the CareLink® Software. The default setting is 60 mg/dL. If the device has a Threshold Suspend feature, this may be set to this value to match your Threshold Suspend value.

  2. Sensor alarm received.

  3. Shows basal and bolus insulin. This looks different for patients using Guardian.

  1. Pump alarm received.

  2. Threshold Suspend with auto resume of basal insulin after 2 hours identified by a dashed red line with alarms at the start and end of the event.

  3. Threshold Suspend with response by user.

  4. Manual Suspend by user.

  5. The carbs eaten and exercise information (if entered).